SEO Project

Why SEO?

Think about the way you search for a business: Open your Chrome or FireFox (IE if you insist), type www.google.com and start a search query and so on. It’s pretty easy and common right? But think about it: how can sites appear on the first page of search result? It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a major online marketing tool consist of Marketing Knowhow and Technical Issues. Google (and various search engine) takes website’s content richness and uniqueness, also users’ experience and sites’ navigation as major concerns, compromise with else algorithms (appx. Over 180) to determine the ranking results upon different keywords upon user’s search queries.

To help your website rank well on Google or Yahoo regarding your ideal keywords which are believed to draw quality enquiries or even sales, a SEO-Ready website is definitely your step-stone.

We offer comprehensive and sustainable workflow, also evaluable review process to (try to) ensure your website rank well after a couple of months (YES, it takes TIME!). Let’s see how and why your website can enjoy the benefit of SEO:

  • Pre-development Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Preparation
  • SEO-focused Website Construction
  • Continuous Maintenance Cycle
  • Monthly Evaluation and Rectification
  • Annual Review and On-going Strategic Planning

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